Effortless and envisioned: enhance efficiency in a ClickShare Enterprise roll-out

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Digital is revolutionizing our workplace. The pace of change is enormous and enterprises are running at full speed to keep up with new technologies. The world of work is being transformed, and not in the least for an IT manager.

Still his days are filled with break and fix, with running a marathon a year to solve issues, with not having enough time to gear up for the digital workplace of tomorrow. To be effective, businesses need to invest in technology that brings success ànd that is quick, easy and seamless to deploy, just like our wireless collaboration solution ClickShare.

The ClickShare ease-of-use is key to customers, especially when managing an entire fleet of units. Did you know, Enterprise roll-outs with ClickShare are a breeze? Meet three ClickShare features designed to make the life of Enterprise customers with large scale installs effortless.

Button Manager

Keeping Buttons up-to-date and properly synced with the ClickShare Base Unit has always been easy. Simply plug the Button into the USB port on the Base Unit for pairing and the Button is good to go. But what do you do when the Base Unit is hidden behind the meeting room screen? Or worse, when it is mounted onto a projector hanging on the meeting room ceiling? And what about large rollouts, will you run from meeting room to meeting room for updates?

With the launch of the new Button Manager you don’t need to climb chairs or run. Install the Button Manager software on your computer, plug the Button into the USB port of your laptop and choose to which Base Unit you want to connect. If the Base Unit is a stand-alone, the Button Manager will only list this unit. If your office has ClickShare Units connected to the network, you will be able to choose any of the units from that network to connect with.

check mark Effortless pairing of Buttons: check!

Download the free Button Manager

Collaboration Management Suite

Managing your full portfolio of ClickShare Units has never been easier thanks to the web-based Collaboration Management Suite. Not only does the platform allow you to update multiple units at once anywhere in the network, it also allows you to schedule those updates whenever it suits you. Schedule the updates for example in the evening, when all meetings have ended and arrive the next day in the office with all units up-to-date. Consulting a range of information, resolving issues quickly and remotely and making sure all units perform optimally.

check mark Effortless management of your units anywhere, anytime: check!

Download the free Collaboration Management Suite


In meetings it is crucial to keep data protected. Presentations can contain highly confidential info. Wireless presentation systems are the best solution for safer and secure sharing of content.

During the design and development of the ClickShare range, focus on securing external risks has been key and also vulnerabilities from within the product were carefully scrutinized.  Extensive threat modelling, the most powerful security engineering, resulted in a fully secure solution. With ClickShare, you are in control.  IT managers of Enterprise customers can easily choose the appropriate security level that fits their company policies via the ClickShare configurator.

check mark Effortless security: check!

Read our security whitepaper

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